Well Drilling

Drilling and constructing any type of well

Since 1884, Myers Bros Drilling & Water Service has been the name you can trust when it comes to well drilling in the Lancaster County area. You won’t find a better family-owned business in the well drilling industry. Trust in our knowledgeable, fully-insured team of drilling experts.

We can drill and construct any residential or commercial well to your exact specifications. 

Call us for a FREE, no-commitment estimate on any well drilling project.

Residential Well Drilling Services

Get fresh well water with a new well drilled by Myers Bros Drilling & Water Service. Your new well can provide you with a supply of healthy drinking water along with water to be used for irrigation.

Our residential wells are structurally sound and will last for years to come, saving you money in the long run.

Commercial Well Drilling Services

Your business needs a durable well to effectively pump water. Whether you have your own farm or manage a golf course, our experienced crew can dig a well to suit your commercial property’s needs.

Myers Bros Drilling & Water Service is fully certified with the state of Pennsylvania for all commercial and residential well work. When you work with qualified well drillers, you can rest easy knowing that your new well has been properly installed. Certifications are available to ensure your new well meets all proper regulatory standards.

We Provide Well Drilling in the Following Areas

Frequently Asked Questions about Well Drilling

What is the difference between a standard pump system and a constant pressure pump system?

Standard pump system

In a standard pumping system, a pressure switch controls the water pump. When the pressure drops to a certain level, typically around 30 psi the pump turns on. It continues pumping until the pressure reaches typically 50 psi at which point it shuts off. Water pressure fluctuates between these two levels during operation.

Constant Pressure System:

constant pressure system relies on a pressure sensor for control. When the pressure drops by only 5 psi, the system activates the pump. This system is less likely to cause fluctuation in water pressure and supplies a  more consistent pressure.

Do you need to leave the well casing above ground level?

The casing should be 12” above ground level.  This prevents contaminants from running into your water source.

Do you give free estimates on water wells?

Yes! Please contact us today to schedule an estimate.

What is a hydro frack?

Hydro frack is the process used to enhance the productivity of water wells.

  • water is injected under extremely high pressure into the bedrock formation through the well.
  • The goal is to flush out small particles and rock fragments from existing bedrock fractures.
  • As a result, these fractures are cleared and widened, creating more pathways for water flow.

Do you hydro frack?

Yes, we do! Check out our hydrofracking page here.

Do you drill geothermal wells?

Yes, we drill the wells and complete the loop field.  A heating contractor does the actual system and hook up.

What are my options if I continue running out of water in my well?

  1. Drill well deeper if current well is worthy
  2. Hydro frack well if accessible and 300ft or deeper
  3. Drill a new well.
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