Hydro Fracking

Hydrofracking is a safe and effective way to increase the production of a well, whether existing or new.

How Does Hydrofracking Work?

A device called a packer is inserted into the well below the casing. The packer is expanded until it is anchored to the shaft walls and seals the well.

Pure water is then injected into the well at extremely high pressures. This open new fractures in the bedrock or increases the size of existing fractures by flushing sediment and rock fragments out of the fissures.

What are the Benefits of Hydrofracking?

Results have shown this process to be 95-98% effective in increasing yields in new wells with low production rates or older wells where the production has slowed due to mineralization.

Benefits of hydro fracking include: 

  • Increased water yields
  • Decreased need to drill another well
  • Uses pure water with high pressure
  • No added chemicals

We Provide Hydro Fracking in the Following Areas

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