Well Certification

Well Certification Is A Must When You're Buying Or Selling A Home!

When purchasing or selling a home, knowing the condition of your well can save you thousands of dollars as a buyer or fetch you a better rate as a seller, making sure that your family enjoys high quality water services for years to come.

Through this process, not only will you know more about your well and quality of drinking water but you will also have peace of mind knowing your family is safe.

Our certification specialists will not only check the quality of your well water but will also inspect your well pump and related equipment that your well is running at peak performance.

Buying or Selling a House?

Call Myers Brothers for your Well Certification

Well certification is the process by which the seller of the property provides information to the buyer about the location and status of all wells on the property. This usually includes water quality and quantity and the inspection of all pumping equipment.

What we do

  • Calculate how much water your well can produce
  • Inspect pump components & monitor performance
  • Check electrical system
  • Inspect controls
  • Visually inspect well casting, cap & pitless adaptor
  • Check pressure tank
  • Determine water quality (ph, hardness & iron)
  • Optional full line of state certified lab testing

Benefits for You

  • Know the facts before you buy or sell your home
  • As a buyer you can negotiate before the sale and save thousands of $$$
  • Know how much water you can use comfortably
  • Sellers can promote a good well
  • Know how much you may need to budget for repairs
  • Peace of mind knowing that the experts at Myers Brothers can handle any well problem top to bottom

We Provide Well Certification in the Following Areas

Frequently Asked Questions about Well Certification

What are the benefits of having a certified well?

You will then know how many gallons per minute you well is producing. This is very important when buying a new house to make sure the water supply is sufficient for the amount of people in your family.

Does a well need to be re-certified? 

Well change after time it is always a good idea to have a new well certification if you are buying a house.

Are there any costs associated with obtaining well certification?

Call our office and we can give you a price for a well certification depending on what area you live in and what type of water testing you would like to include with the well inspection.

How long does the certification process typically take?

Typically a well inspection takes two hours.

What is the process for obtaining well certification?

Call our office and we can set up an appointment and give you pricing for the well certification, also known as well inspection

Who is responsible for certifying wells, and what qualifications do they need?

Water well drillers typically certify wells.

How do I know if my well needs to be certified?

Well certifications are always a good idea if you are buying or selling a house.  This will make sure that everything is working properly and that the well produces enough water to maintain the household.

Are there specific regulations or standards that wells need to meet to become certified?

Typically this is not regulated

What is well certification, and why is it necessary?

A well certification inspects the well and components of the well sick as pump and pressure tank to make sure all are in good working order.  It also will tell you the recovery rate of your well.  This is very important to make sure the well will be adequate for your specific household use

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